About Bitcoin Bigfoot

Bitcoin Bigfoot was born out of necessity. Bitcoin activists ourselves, we realized we needed professional bitcoin promotional tools, and rather than just produce what we need for ourselves, we decided to provide this service to the entire community. Therefore Bitcoin Bigfoot's mission is to empower the bitcoin activist by providing bitcoin promotional tools, propaganda, and paraphernalia. If it helps you spread bitcoin adoption, we want to be the provider.

Coming Soon

Our first offering will be the Plan ฿ tri-fold brochure.
Provided to you, the bitcoin activist, at NO cost.

Our goal is to produce and distribute 100k of these brochures in 90 days or less, and 500k brochures this year. Together we'll make 2014 the Year of Adoption!

Enter your contact info in the form to the right to reserve your free Plan ฿ brochures, today. And don't forget to share us with your friends and fellow activists, on facebook, twitter, meetup, and more.

As well make sure to follow and like us.

Additionally, if you are able to do so, we'd be deeply grateful
for your support in the form of a donation towards this effort.

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