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BIPS Sponsors the Plan ฿ brochure, Bitcoin Bigfoot

port3Denmark based BIPS, the bitcoin Payment Services Provider, has become the latest Sponsor of Bitcoin Bigfoot and the Plan ฿ brochure! Operating in the bitcoin merchant services industry since July 2011, BIPS lays claim to the title of “First bitcoin merchant services provider”, having beat out BitPay by a matter of days. On why BIPS chose to support the Plan ฿ Brochure effort Hans Henrik H. Heming, newly appointed Interim CEO of BIPS, had this to say, “We love to support what ever material that goes out in the market space that educates both consumers and merchants. Both parties can gain a lot by using Bitcoin”.

BIPS specializes in making it easy for any business, large or small, online and offline, to begin accepting payment in bitcoin in a fraction of the time. Unlike many other services, you don’t have to wait 2-6 weeks for an acquirer agreement and an agreement for Internet bank payments to start receiving payments. We here at Bitcoin Bigfoot created a BIPS account for our own purposes, and it was absolutely painless. They feature hosted invoicing, allowing merchants to send company branded invoices straight from their website.  Additionally they feature low to ZERO fees for merchants, no chargebacks and none of the hassle of credit cards. BIPS also makes it incredibly easy to begin accepting bitcoin from your online shop, integrating payment modules with a wide range of e-commerce solutions (we went with WooCommerce). Their plugins are ready to use with simple step by step installation instructions, and if their standard tools are not enough to meet your needs their REST API can be used to make a custom solution of your own.

The latest organization to Sponsor the production of the Plan ฿ brochure, BIPS joins LocalBitcoins.com and Coinapult among those who’ve seen the potential and promise in arming bitcoin activists with professional promotional tools. The Plan ฿ brochure is a promotional tool, not a simple handout. It assists bitcoin activists as they answer the basic questions asked by those new to, and interested in, bitcoin. Covering the basic benefits of bitcoin, it makes its mark by showcasing the businesses and organizations which make up the core of the bitcoin eco-sphere here in the United States. Covering wallet providers, news sources, where to buy and sell, merchant services providers, andBrochure_8.5x11_TriFold_CS some big name bitcoin accepting businesses, the Plan ฿ brochure means activists will never again need to scribble urls on napkins. Instead we’ll have an attractive, professional tri-fold brochure to assist bitcoin activists in spreading of bitcoin adoption. And its our goal to raise the funds necessary to design, produce, and distribute one hundred thousand of these to U.S. bitcoin activists at NO cost to them!

If your business would like to become a Sponsor of Bitcoin Bigfoot and the Plan ฿ brochure simply email use here.
And if you’d like to make a donation towards the effort to produce and distribute 100,000 Plan ฿ brochures, you can do so here.

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