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BitGo Becomes The Latest Bitcoin Bigfoot – Plan ฿ Brochure Sponsor

bitgo iconSan Francisco Bay area based BitGo has become both the first wallet provider and the first U.S. based Sponsor of Bitcoin Bigfoot and the Plan ฿ brochure! Hopefully they are the first of many U.S. based bitcoin companies to see the value in supporting Bitcoin Bigfoot’s goal to empower bitcoin activists to spread bitcoin adoption, and make 2014 the Year of Adoption.  Will O’Brien, CEO and co-founder of BitGo, endorsed Bitcoin Bigfoot by stating, “At this stage, it’s really important to give people simple steps to start using Bitcoin. Bitcoin Bigfoot does just that” and on BitGo’s inclusion in the Plan ฿ brochure “We are proud to support Bitcoin Bigfoot in creating more awareness of Bitcoin through this campaign”.

BitGo offers a selection of services that work together to protect your bitcoin holdings and financial future. Its flagship offering is the BitGo Secure Wallet. BitGo’s patent-pending multi-signature technology issues three keys, two of which are necessary to conduct any transaction. One is held by BitGo, one is held by you, and the third is held by a third-party you trust, or offline on a usb stick or paper wallet. If any one key is compromised your bitcoin wallet is still secure, rendering it virtually hack proof.  And since BitGo only holds one key, they cannot access your wallet. For more technical details you can read the white paper authored by BitGo CTO and co-founder Mike Belshe. BitGo also provides a suite of B2B and B2C services for bitcoin portfolio management. In addition to monitoring your bitcoin holdings in your BitGo secure storage, you can also monitor any holdings you have in cold storage. With BitGo you are the bank, and they are the security guard!

BitGo’s Sponsorship of the Plan ฿ Brochure effort puts us just under half-way to our fund-raising goal to produce and distribute 100,000 of these promotional tools to U.S. bitcoin activists. Our goal once they’re produced is to distribute them all in 90 days or less, rapidly arming bitcoin activists with a professional bitcoin tri-fold that covers some of the basic benefits of using bitcoin, as well as the many businesses and organizations which make up the core of the bitcoin eco-system in the United States. You can request your slice of the 100,000 Plan ฿ Brochure pie by submitting your request and contact details on our main page.


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