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CoinMKT Sponsors Bitcoin Bigfoot & the Plan ฿ Brochure

CoinMKTUS-based bitcoin exchange CoinMKT is the latest Sponsor of Bitcoin Bigfoot and the Plan ฿ brochure! Relatively new to the bitcoin exchange industry, CoinMKT held their beta launch in September 2013. Since then they’ve had over forty thousand traders register, conducting $10M in volume since the launch, with $3M of that volume since January. As the leading US-based bitcoin and digital currency exchange, CoinMKT is dedicated to providing a secure and reliable platform for both retail and institutional investors. We’re pleased to be able to showcase a U.S. based exchange in the Plan ฿ brochure, as we believe in featuring local solutions to add value to local outreach.

With the Plan ฿ brochure, Bitcoin Bigfoot has created an excellent, organic, and tangible way to introduce bitcoin to the masses. It’s old school peer-to-peer, a 21st century version of Thomas Paine handing out ‘Common Sense’ in the town square” ~ CoinMKT Director of Marketing, Vaughn Blake

CoinMKT is fully compliant with US AML/KYC regulation, thanks to their partnership with CoinComply, the first end-to-end Anti-Money-Laundering solution for crypto-currency companies. Registered federally with FinCen as a MSB, CoinMKT takes seriously its role in preventing money laundering, and protecting customer assets. They’ve built a powerful and reliable trading platform, capable of conducting thousands of transactions per second, with a measure of decentralization to prevent/mitigate DDoS attacks, preventing downtime. You can be assured that CoinMKT takes their role as the most reliable and stable US based exchange very seriously.

Welcome to CoinMKTBut CoinMKT really shines with its unique features and benefits. They make depositing USD easy, accepting both money order and wire transfer from US customers, while adding e-wallet options for non-US customers.  They offer a Maker-Taker fee structure, which rewards traders who provide liquidity (Makers) with a 0.25% rebate, while charging those who remove liquidity (Takers) 0.75%.  Additionally they offer no deposit fee and low withdrawal fees. If you withdraw USD you’ll pay just 0.5%, if you withdraw bitcoin its just 0.001btc, and if you withdraw any alt-coins its just 0.1. Alt-coins? You heard right, CoinMKT isn’t just a USD/BTC exchange, you can also trade 10 alt-coins: Litecoin (LTC), PeerCoin (PPC), TerraCoin (TRC), NovaCoin (NVC), NameCoin (NMC), FeatherCoin (FTC), PrimeCoin (XPM), MegaCoin (MEC), WorldCoin (WDC), and QuarkCoin (QRK), providing further opportunity for the savvy trader.

We absolutely couldn’t be more pleased to have the support of a US-based exchange. CoinMKT joins a stellar group of Bitcoin Bigfoot Sponsors, enabling us to pursue our mission to inspire bitcoin supporters to become bitcoin activists, and elevate bitcoin activists to the level of bitcoin hero. Their support allows us to design, produce, and distribute 100,000 Plan ฿ brochures to U.S. and Canadian bitcoin activists. Distributing 100,000 brochures is a monumental undertaking, and we’ve set the goal to complete distribution in 90 days or less. You can help make our job easier by requesting a share of the 100,000 brochures right now by visiting our main page and filling out the form with your contact details. Together we’ll  make 2014 the Year of Adoption!


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