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Let’s Talk Bitcoin Sponsors Bitcoin Bigfoot & the Plan ฿ Brochure

Let's Talk Bitcoin The longest running and most enjoyed bitcoin podcast, Let’s Talk Bitcoin, is the latest Bitcoin Bigfoot Sponsor and Plan ฿ brochure advertiser. Founded by Adam B. Levine in late April 2013, the show is a twice weekly podcast co-hosted by Andreas Antonopoulos and Stephanie Murphy, PhD. The show provides a platform for those creating the future of money to share their experiences, and discuss their progress. Bitcoin Bigfoot founder Curtis Fenimore was recently interviewed by Stephanie Murphy for an upcoming episode. In August of 2013, Let’s Talk Bitcoin added a daily guest blog and weekly newsletter with the goal of showcasing ideas, experiences and voices from all sides of the cryptocurrency debate. More recently Let’s Talk Bitcoin announced a dramatically expanded lineup of Bitcoin related shows, moving from a single podcast producing two hours of original content per week to six shows releasing seven hours per week and which will be the basis for the launch of a new media network, LTB.

Bitcoin is a new science, the experts are self selected and the boundaries are being tested but we do know the basics pretty well.  Initiatives like Bitcoin Bigfoot aren’t earth shattering, they’re cumulative – Ignorance can only survive where information is restricted, so tell all your friends! ~ Adam B. Levine

The new network features the original ‘Let’s Talk Bitcoin’, the ‘Sex & Science Hour with Stephanie Murphy and Brian Sovryn’, A Weekly Conversation on Sex, Science and Bitcoin, ‘The Mad Money Machine’, Infotainment with Paul Boyer, ‘Ed & Ethan’s Bitcoin Report’, The Canadian Bitcoin, Live!, ‘Bitcoins & Gravy’, Bitcoin in Nashville, TN, and “SovereignBTC’ out of Austin, TX. In addition to internet distribution and syndication, all LTB network shows will also be broadcast on KCAA AM 1013 serving the surrounding counties of Los Angeles, CA. One of the shows (Ed & Ethan’s Bitcoin Report) will be broadcast live and answer caller questions.

Let’s Talk Bitcoin is a stellar addition to Bitcoin Bigfoot’s Sponsors, one we’re very proud to feature in the Plan ฿ brochure. We’ll be giving away one hundred thousand Plan ฿ brochures to US and Canadian bitcoin activists in the very near future. Over twenty five thousand of those hundred thousand brochures have already been requested, so don’t delay in requesting your share! Goto our main page and send us your contact info and request and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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